Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy, pretty, funny, real

round button chicken

My blackwork embroidery.  It goes slow.. slow.. slow it goes.  But I do love the way it looks.


I have been working quite a bit with a graphics program lately.  For myself, but also for our Church.  This little 'project' came about after a conversation on facebook about a little bit of mommy time on the couch with some knitting and a James Bond movie.  There now is a series entitled "men worthy to hold my yarn while knitting.".  It's an exclusive society, I can tell you that.

Real/ Happy.  
An old picture and a strange one perhaps to place here.  Two years ago, at his very first Easter Mass, Michael managed to take a dive out of dada's arms, onto the church kneeler and on the wooden floor.  At six weeks old, on Easter day, he was rushed to a hospital with a pediatric ER.  He had his first cat scan.  And turned out to be absolutely fine.  Every Easter since then, I can not help but wonder about what I almost lost.  This image is in my mind every Easter at Church, and it makes me happy to think of how we were given this gift of life.

Real/ Happy 

Quite often these two seem to combine, right?  The happiness is clear in the focussed faces of my boys, playing with their new wooden marble run.  Two grandma Easter bunnies already deliver at our house, so the Columbia Easter bunny did not want to add any candy.  A wooden marble run packed in giant eggs was the answer.  The real part is clear when you look at the background: life with kids.  You will never have an empty floor again, for longer than five minutes.


colette said...

Love the yarn picture, that really cracked me up!

Rhonda said...

Oh, the hospital picture makes me well-up inside...

Margo said...

haha, that movie/yarn is funny! However, oh my word, I'm so glad your baby is ok.

Maryb said...