Monday, November 8, 2010

Ernie, there is a banana in your ear...

I still remember that iconic Sesame Street skit, and how we thought we were so really smart at age 5 or 6 to repeat it at nauseum. I guess it should be a warning to parents about childen and things in their ear. It just is not a good idea. Unfortunately I forgot this rule today during mass.

Due to the extra hour this morning we had time for some breakfast, so I didn't see the need to load up on snacks for mass. It is a bad habit and one I hope eventually to break, but.. quite often we just do not get Joseph to eat breakfast in the morning before mass. After laying still a whole night long, in the morning it is just too much to ask to actually sit still.

During Mass Joseph seemed very dissapointed when mamma told him that her purse did not contain food. (What a travesty! A mamma purse without cookies, crackers, mints or cheeiros!). All in all though, he was very good about that dissapointment. He was very well behaved, especially since dadda was reading and mamma had to take care of him and Michael alone for the first part of mass.

While putting something in my bag (probably a toy of Michael) I stumbled over two hershey's kisses and could not resist. In the age old gesture of favorite unles and grandfathers who conjure a coin out of your ear, I pulled a hershey's kiss out of Joseph's. After communion, with Joseph still amazingly good, I pulled a second kiss out of his ear, with wide eyes and a whispered "look what grew out of your ear'.

It seemed so cute at the time. It was. It was also not very smart. Because by now Joseph has already been trying to investigate dadda's ears in the hope of harvesting some more chocolates. Yes... I have convinced my three year old that chocolate can grow out of your ear. Bad mommy!