Thursday, November 8, 2012


My oldest son is weird.  No, really.  I mean, yes, I know I am weird too, but at least I hated homework.  Like a regular kid. Joseph LOVES homework.  He gets extra homework because the homework that the rest of the class gets is too easy.   So today was the first day of 'extra homework'.  He was enthusiast! He did his regular homework (write the letter F, capital, small, words and a sentence)  first and then was extatic to find  out there was more.  It's kindergarden homework, while he is in pre K.  The intention is to read the instructions and then follow them: colour the third sock red, colour the ninth sock blue, colour the seventh sock purple. It did not pose any problems.  Except for once.  While I was stirring soup, he asked me to hand him a purple crayon.  And I did.  After starting to colour the appropriate sock... he stopped and declared that this was the wrong crayon.  I looked at it.  It looked fine to me.  He asked then why I had handed him a  'blue vi.. vi.. " crayon.  "Ohh.. well, it's called blue violet.  But that IS a kind of purple."  He was not to be persuaded.  A crayon that said blue violet was not right for this sock.  I had to go look for another one.  Three other blue violet crayons turned up.  It is a popular colour for Crayola it seems.  Luckily I found some CraZart, jumbo crayons I had bought for Michael.  One of them said 'purple'.  After inspecting the word, he was satisfied and coloured the appropriate sock.

A few minutes later he declared he was finished.  I looked over and told him there was another page.  "Oh, I didn't realize that."  He said with perfect inflection, then turned to the next page, colouring the right shapes in the right colour and then putting them on a graph.   Ten minutes ago, he asked for more homework.....