Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You probably have noticed that this blog has been idle.  I am not here to announce that that is done for now. Truth is, with the new challenges for our family, it will probably be idle for a bit longer.  There are seasons in life, and this is not the season to try and keep up with a blogging rhythm.  This is a season to further Michael's speech, his social interactions and his health.  To find the way to let that high intelligence break through the communication barriers and frustrations.  That involves a lot of hands on work.  A lot of prayer.  And a lot of tears.  All of them are needed.  And when I cry, I try to remember (usually afterwards) that I was just watering his soul, and mine in the process.

So...  you will see the occasional post here.  A lunchbox that was too cute not to share, or an accomplishment of either of my boys. But I am not going to try and be a regular blogger for now.  Instead, I am working and sewing in the hope of a bountiful harvest.  In the mean time, when I come to your mind, I would appreciate every prayer you have that in my weakness, I might be enough still for my youngest to find all the help he needs from me.That my oldest son will not be neglected and that he knows how much he is loved.  That my husband will find in me someone to stand beside him as we work and pray for our family.  And that God may have mercy on me as He only can, giving His answers to my prayers in His time, in His way.

If anyone wants a more regular contact, please give me a message and I will give you my name on facebook.

Be loved and blessed,