Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A hero

My son told me so! He was effusive in his praise! This morning, while trying to get two boys dressed, I went in search of a pair of clean pants for the oldest. Since we quite frequently use his for the youngest who is almost as tall, that can be an equally tall order. So far both boys had behaved examplary all day. While rumaging thorugh the clean laundry and holding up a pair of clean blue pants triumphantly, Joseph came to stand next to me.

"I found the pants! Now, we can go back to the living room and put it on as well as your shoes."

That did not prompt him to move however but skiddle a bit closer into the gap between the laundry basket and the wall.
"There is a scary beast in the living room." He declared seriously.

I thought he was playing, so I decided to indulge and go along.
"There is? *I deliberately hushed my voice* What kind of a beast?"

'A scary one. On the couch!"

"aha.. then mommy will go inside and get the animal away."

To my surprise he did not move from the spot. Maybe he wasn't really playing? Though what could have scared him?

"Where is the animal, Sweetie?"
"It is walking around the couch!"
"Don't be scared. Mama is going to take care of it."

I went back into the living room again, and observed a mid size palmetto bug scurrying around the floor. They often enter after heavy rains, and though they look rather icky, they do not bother me. Too much. I had however never engaged in a chase and capture of one! Looking around, I found an empty popcorn box and tried to scoop the creature up. Joseph remained behind the laundry basket in the laundry room, peeking out at my attempts.

"Oh, it's a beetle, Joseph!" I announced, hoping this would reduce the fear factor. After all, three days ago he made us watch "the Wonderpets save the beatles" three times in a row.

"Yes. Beetles are scary!" He declared.

Apparently there is a difference between cartoons and reality, so I decided to deal with the situation decisively. Success was mine on the first try. The scary animal seemed off the floor. Unfortunately I didn't see him in the box. Which meant he might have rushed under the couch to escape capture. I took the popcorn box to better light and put it down. The bug immediately crawled out and rushed down my counter as a fugitive! I grabbed the popcorn box and a piece of paper again and went after him. Another two tries and mr. Palmetto was caught. Not wishing a repeat of the previous jail break, I put the popcorn box outside on our front porch and exiled him from the house. I told Joseph that I had caught him and put him outside.

And then I heard some of the sweetest words a mother can hear:"You are a real hero, mommy!""

Well yes. Yes, I am!


Matushka Anna said...

You ARE a hero! I have a morbid fear of them. No joke. I must have had some horrible experience as a child.

Matushka Anna said...

Just to let you know I tagged you. (: