Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Craft basket wednesday..

I do not have a picture available, unfortunately, but in the short period that Michael's colick seemed to have abated, I did manage a mini embroidery project: I finished a trefoil (three cornered celtic knot that symbolizes the trinity) on a napkin. I still want to additional stitches. At first I thought some shamrocks.. but now I want something more easter like, or maybe just a border.

The next project that I am lining up in my mind (as my hands and arms are otherwise occupied these days) is a small embroidery on a sheet for the baby's bed. I am considering a redwork style embroidery (though not in actual red) but I am not yet certain of what the subject will be. And I would love to make some redwork embroidery for Joseph as well, preferably of a train...


I wish I could say that the fact I am posting here now and again means that we are over the worst of the colic, but unfortunately it doesn't. However Michael's schedule has somewhat changed and he only falls asleep for his nap during the last half hour of his brothers nap. Which means that it really doesn't pay for me to actually lay down, because by the time I fall asleep.. I need to get up again. Luckily, in general (not counting last night) I get enough sleep during the night to make this lack of a nap not pleasant, but doable. An it gives me half an hour of computer time.
I still ask for your prayers for strength, physical strength too, because Michael who was born at 8 pounds 13 ounces, needs to be carried all day and my muscles are starting to cramp. I use a carrier part of the time, but that doesn't work when he is cramping, then only one position (up against the shoulder). I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. I have not had any dairy (aside from one slip up) in about 5 weeks. There was a brief period in which things seemed to go better, but the last week has been harder on my poor boy again. The cold that his older brother brought home probably didn't help...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Some time ago.. months.. maybe even a year, I read a blogpost in which somebody recommended an author. The blogpost specifically said that if you liked Frances Hodgson Burnett, this was the author for you! As Burnett is one of my favorite authors I took note, but... did not write down the name. And.. did not bookmark the post aparently. Now I have NO idea which blog, who it was.. and I am still curious to try out this mystery author.
Since I often read blogposts from people who read my own blog... *L* Does anybody remember writing this, or making this recommendation? Or.. since we often share the same interests and I am certain part of the blogs we read overlap... does anybody remember in which blog I could have read this?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Michael is five weeks old tomorrow. He still is a better sleeper most nights than Joseph is, for which I am profoundly grateful. Unfortunately Michael has digestive troubles. No matter what I eat or do not eat, despite baby zantac, gasdrops, gripe water, slings, baby massage, baths, moving legs up and down and so on... Michael screams. He screams a lot. He screams several hours a day.
By now, all the good advice from friends who have been there and done that has come to... 'You just have to wait it out, he WILL grow out of it eventually'. I will readily admit that I wish 'eventually' came with a date. This would be so much more manageable if you knew: ok... it will only last x more weeks... or months... then it is over. Even if x was a number larger than you wanted it to be, you would have an end goal in sight. Instead, we just have to wait and pray.

In the mean time, I can only walk him, try to calm Joseph when he yells "stop screaming, Michael" and ask him to say "Bless you, little brother" instead. Joseph has eagerly adopted the new phrase, though he hasn't given up the "stop screaming!!!!" preferably yelled at the top of his lungs, adding to the already deafening noise. Sometimes I feel like yelling it myself, especially after midnight when I am walking the floor with him. Instead I train myself to say "Bless your little heart, Michael" whenever I want to tell him myself to stop screaming.
While I am still looking for a solution, I have sort of accepted that this is our new reality until he does grow out of it. I just pray for the patience to deal with every day in it's turn and I hope that the number of weeks till he grows out of whatever prompts this crying will be small.