Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A bit of an update.  I am still alive and life goes on.  It's different than our pre autism life.  We have to work harder for every, single thing, and the sleep deprivation at times is enough to drive you to near insanity. Autism and sleep problems often go hand in hand.  At times I still look around and think "this isn't fair.  Why do we have to work hard for what happens by itself for everyone else?"  But I guess asking why does not help, and instead we try to be glad that while it is hard work, we are seeing results.  Michael is doing better and better.  More speech, more self control, more spontaneous play, more emotions.. more everything and we have hope that with a whole load of work, Michael will be happy and independent and "all he can be."

In the mean time here are some pictures:

Her is Joseph after his most recent ballet recital. Joseph is.. overly intelligent and overly charming. He's miles ahead of most in intellectual development, but at the same time, he is still mamma's snugly boy and he knows my most favorite time of the whole day is reading to him in bed.

Joseph's first lapbook.  With the summer vacation nearing, I am trying to find things to keep him occupied somewhat independently.  A lot of my time goes to tend to Michael and work with therapists, but I do not want Joseph to feel left out.

I joined the SCA, the society of medieval anachronism: a medieval recreation organization that I had heard about for a long time. It's been a sanity saviour to escape now and again in the medieval world, plus I am learning some skills: I have sewn this dress all by myself!  It's extremely basic, but.. I am getting better each time.

We caught this picture of Michael this Easter.  There is just something about boys in a seersucker suit!!  Michael loves trains, is learning to speak more fluently and more elaborately. He loves books, at four years old knows all his letters and is working on sounds.  He works very hard to overcome the symptoms of his autism that might get in his way.

That's me, this Easter.  I wore a hat instead of veil to Church because it went so well with my outfit.  I am trying to loose a few of the pounds I gained by stress eating these last two years, but I really liked my happy Easter outfit.

My handsome boy charming.  He loves to have his picture taken, loves to perform, loves to talk, loves to learn and just loves!