Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A wonderful little adventure

It hasn't been the easiest forthnight to us. That is why todays little adventure really brought an extra smile on my face. I was picking up Joseph from preschool and had to stop at a gas station. Had to stop is a pretty literal truth, because the gas light was blinking and I already had heard that 'peep' that warns you that should have filled up a day or so ago.
So I ride in, start filling the car with gas and make faces to entertain the two boys in their car seats when a white truck pulls up as well, across from ours at the other side of the pump.
A man steps out. A somewhat elderly man. Chubby. With white hair. A white beard. A white shirt. And red pants. The spitting image of.. SANTA!! I consider whether or not to say something, but stop myself. After all, the poor man has probably heard it all six thousand times before, right? Filling up the tank, making more faces, and praising them for good behaviour afterwards, I step into my car and close the door, taking the time to put my purse back to rights.
In the mean time, the man had come back out of the little gas station store, and I could not help myself. Gesturing only with my head, I said to Joseph: Look Joseph! See who is there? Does that man remind you of anyone?

At the same time, the man looks up. Either he has bat ears, he just saw the children, or he just knows what is happening in this car by experience. He starts talking to us, and I lower my window to hear!"You boys and girls come to visit me at Dutch Square mall, after Thanksgiving now, hear you! I will be looking forward to it. Just bring the camera! I will be there! *big wink*"
I smile brightly, thank him and assure him that we will! Call it a Miracle on 24th street effect, but I will be going to Dutch Square mall. A Santa who will stop, while tanking gas, in november, to grin and make children's day is a Santa worth meeting!Joseph lit up! He had seen Santa! Out for gas. I explained that the reindeer were still at the northpole. All kinds of theories and stories spring up from this small chance encounter. There is magic in a smile, and a chance encounter. And this one really made my day.