Monday, October 12, 2009

...And a bottle of rum.

This morning I had to go to the doctor for a glucose test. Thanks to the fact that I had been told I could be there between eight and ten am for the test without an appointment, but the phlebotomist (I have been longing to use that word in a sentence!) told me later they were only there from eight thirty on... I spend two full hours at the clinic while my husband entertained our little boy. I had to fast since the previous day. Pregnant women and fasting do not go well together. So as soon as I was home I curled up on the couch with a bowl of cheerios and my cuddly boy.
We had a really good day together so far. We played in the playroom with the trains and the books, though I had to scold Joseph for not being gentle with the books. It is amazing to me that any child of me can be so rough on his toys. I always treated everything with great care, just ask my mother!

After the books, trains, farm and the piano... Joseph decided he wanted to play on the guest bed. I allow it, because I mostly want to teach him not to play in the baby room where he used to bounce on the airmatrass that was laying there. We were in the midle of a bunch of games of wrestle, tickle and sing song, when I decided to try once more to make Joseph say his name. While he has lots and lots of other words and budding sentences, he really has trouble with his name. He likes to refer to himself as bebe even though he knows and recognizes his name. Mommy is trying to teach him to say Joseph. He has managed 'Joseh' a few times, but usually sticks to Jojo.
Today I decided to be more ambitious and tried for Joseph Hauk. So since singing is one of my boy's favorite passtimes, mommy sung Joseph Hauk on the theme of jingle bells. Joseph enthousiastically joined in. Only... he didn't QUITE manage Joseph Hauk.
What came out was a very happy and determined "Jo ho ho".... and mommy collapsed in a heap of laughter. "Yohoho and a bottle of rum, Joseph???"

Friday, October 2, 2009

A simple day

First of all I wanted to thank everyone for your prayers. They are helping. The medical issues unfortunately are not cleared up yet, but I will know more possibly after my next visit to the doctor on the seventh.

I made some raisin, walnut cinamon bread yesterday in the breadmaker. It was the first time I tried it, and I had to tweek some of the recipe, since the ants had gotten all my sugar earlier in the week, and I had had to eliminate my powdered milk as well. Still, it turned out yummy. I put on facebook that I had made it and my wonderful husband really looked forward to having some, which meant I had to have some left overs when he came home! I can tell you that that was a challenge since both Joseph and I really loved it.
My sweet Bill had a meeting of the Knights of columbus in the evening, so he was supposed to arrive home at about 8.30.
The last few weeks/ months Joseph really started to get into the phase in which he misses people. So he keeps asking for dadda from about one hour before he usually comes home. So when dadda did not arrive at the expected time Joseph got more and more excited. Unfortunately the meeting ran late and Bill arrived home just about five or ten minutes after I put Joseph in bed. He just had to peek in for a minute and redo the last part of the bedtime routine just so his little boy knew he was at home.

Today we plan on having a calm and fun day. Joseph and I may go to the golden arches playground around noon. I am doubting between yambalaya or breakfast for dinner tonight. I have some eggs that need being used up. Or maybe some spanish omelet. Hmmm choices, choices.
Depending on how tired I feel when naptime comes around, I am planning on getting my sewing machine out and experimenting somewhat. I would like to try and actually learn to sew clothes for my little boys since it becomes increasingly difficult to find something that makes him look like a young gentleman. I will admit I have an extremely oldfashioned taste, but I get so tired of the dinosaurs, trucks or screaming pictures that seem to have to adorn everything for boys over the age of 18 months. Unfortunately when I looked in sewing books at my last visit to Joanns it seems the patterns provide for more of the same of what you find in the shops. Oh well, at least you can adapt. For now though, it would be enough to get my sewing machine back running again. I am planning on practicing by making little baggies for the sugarbeans that I will need for the baptism in february. That way I have time enough. I am thinking of a brown, green or blue toile at the moment, but that might change.
Aside from that, I want to do a load of laundry or two, and of course spend a lot of time on the floor playing with my boy.