Friday, August 13, 2010

Sometimes you get a nudge

Some of the long time readers of my blog may remember that before I married I was a religion teacher in a public school. Being a teacher was not something I had ever expected to be. Through a whole series of events and nudgings from the Holy Spirit, I ended up with a Masters in one field, a bachelors in another and all of a sudden with the conviction that I was called to teach. I didn't expect to teach in an inner city public school, but I was led there and felt wonderful, knowing this was the place I needed to be.
I married and felt that my place was at home adjusting first to married life and then to being a mother twice. I had wonderful days, and hard days, and had no regrets about giving up my job, even though I missed the teaching sometimes, since my own little boys are still too young for any formal teaching (though they are definitely taught).

A few months ago it seemed the Holy Spirit put something new on my path. While I would not consider going back in the workforce an opportunity presented itself at my church, for a 15 hour position as a youth minister. My husband suggested me to apply. I hesitated... I would love to do this, but would it be too much time to take away from my family? I was interviewed and things seemed to go well. And still I doubted. Then the Holy Spirit intervened. At least that is what people in the parish claim. They had prayed for the Holy Spirit to send them the right candidate. Instead of one candidate they could not pass up, they were send two! I could accept the position with now only 10 hours on my plate, with 8 of those that can be worked from home.