Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I love it when a plan comes together...

I have no illusions that from now on I will never face the lunch day slump anymore, but at least for today, things went well. It might also be because our day was, by necessity a bit more planned out than usual.
Breakfast worked out fine. Everyone ate something, and I even thought about packing two bento's with healthy snacks (okay, and a few animal crackers) for our morning.

I had a meeting in the nursery of the church. A great part of working for the church is that the people I work with are very accommodating. They thought it was an asset that I was a mother with children, because in working with teenagers, this gives them a vision of the realities of life. They also are willing to work, not just around my schedule with the children but with the schedule, so many a meeting comes takes place in the church nursery with the boys playing around my feet. After that, we had a moms meeting. This is not a moms day out, but moms and children coming together to play and talk while we watch our children and each others children at the same time.
After that we went home and it was lunch time. I didn't have to think. I realize now how much easier lunch and breakfast are if I do not have to think.
We had veggie corn dogs with ketchup and broccoli. For some reason my oldest son loves broccoli, so we have it once a week at least for dinner and sometimes thrown in for lunch as well.

I even managed to 'cute up' the plates a little bit. It's a start.

this picture made me feel virtuous.

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