Thursday, August 18, 2011

My husband's lunch

Since I am trying to put a bit more thought in lunch, I am also trying to put a bit more thought in my husband's lunch. My husband honestly doesn't care too much about how his food looks, as long as it is tasty. And even there he is not too discriminate. While I fret over whether a soup is as good as last time and whether or not I should add a little bit more nutmeg next time, he just says "It's really good." That's why I try not to waste time on cutesy-ing up his lunch. He likes to take left overs and my main contribution is trying to pack them immediately after we finish dinner and put them in the freezer so he has a variety to chose from.

Yesterday evening though after the children were off to bed and my husband was doing P90X exercises, I decided I would feel better if I cleaned the kitchen instead of playing bubble games on the computer. I did. I also saw the left over gumbo had not been put away and for some reason when putting it, with some rice in a lunchbox and back in the fridge, I noticed the wraps. Hmmm... Inspiration dawned. I recently had an amazing vegetarian burrito from Chipotle. Could I come close to making one? I didn't have the guacamole, but I hope texturally I came close.
So off he is for his "first day of school", the beginning of the new semester at University, and ready to great the students, with this little treat in his lunchbox.

How does your husband feel about lunch or food in general? Does he like it all prettied up? Or does he care (almost) exclusively about taste?

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