Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doing something...

So after I made that little post about half an hour ago, I decided that this was a case of 'knowing what I should be doing and just not doing it'. I needed a plan. I always do better if I have a plan.
My first impulse was of course to go trawl the net to find the perfect little menu plan maker. Then I decided that was silly, overly perfectionist, and putting off the part that would actually help my children get a decent breakfast or lunch. (My husband has a decent lunch because he takes leftovers from the healthy and yummy dinners that I cook, and prefers a bowl of cereal for lunch.).
So off I went to the fridge that was nice and full after our shopping trip to Aldi on Sunday and Publix today. My very special tools were a piece of paper that I had grabbed from the printer and a pen. Fancy, I know!
But.. tadaa! Here is the result. Now hopefully this will keep me on track for the next week!

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