Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The eyes eat firsts...

That's a very loose translation of a Dutch saying. I am striving lately to make the food for my children look nicer. I know that it's important how it looks, because Joseph will refuse to eat anything that is a stew, no matter how much he loves the ingredients that are actually in there. I do not make him anything different and now and again stew will find it's way on our menu, but I also try to keep my boys visual appeal in mind when I prepare something. Putting oatmeal in a silicone bear cup and calling it fuzzy wuzzy oatmeal gets it in quicker and is not anymore trouble for me. I would love to make our lunches look like bento's, but since we usually eat at home for lunch, I am afraid that rarely happens. In fact, a decent lunch rarely happens. today's lunch was.. popcorn and apples. I need a lunchplan. Anyone have any ideas or tips for me?

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