Monday, August 15, 2011

I won't call it homeschooling...

I have a friend who protests against anyone saying they are 'homeschooling' until their child is actually six and the choice needs to be made between either formally teaching the child at home, or sending it to school. According to her whatever you do before should just be called parenting. After all, are we not the teachers of our children throughout their entire childhood, even if you send them to a public or Christian school? Whether you homeschool or not, are we always looking for opportunities to teach our children?

The last weeks, we are trying to fit in more 'formal' teaching moments. We don't have a set schedule, we don't have a set program. We just.. chose to do some reading and writing exercises now and again, because I just can not wait to share this with my boy. Something I could easily wait with would be mathematics. Unfortunately Joseph seems, just in daily conversations and what he catches here and there on a parents whim, to have a bit of a knack for mathematics. So I decided to buy a math book from the Target dollar aisle, and today we had our first mathematics session. In my opinion, he is MUCH quicker about it than I ever was. Let's see where this adventure leads us!

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