Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craft basket Wednesday

Today is the first time I participate in Craft Basket Wednesday, hosted by a blog I recently discovered: Knit together. If I manage to have regular updates, I will have to make a bit of a nicer logo for the day... but with a new baby joining our little family next week, that is slightly less of a priority.

It's hard to believe I am only a few days away from giving birth to Michael. Despite all the emotional upheaval, I feel a lot better physically in these last few weeks than I did when I was pregnant with Joseph. That means that the state of my household is at least slightly better despite having a two year old running around. And secondly it means that I have some energy to be creative. I actually have Michael's birth announcement almost ready. And since Christmas I have finished several smaller craft projects. I have cross stitched a bookmark, cross stitched a tea towel, started a little baby sweater and finished about 40 sugar bean bags before my machine gave out. I definitely have been more productive.

I am still working on that little baby sweater I talked about earlier. It has been ripped out several times, sometimes just a few rows, sometimes many rows, and once even all the way down to the beginning. I am finally back to where I was earlier and even a bit further. I did interrupt the work to do a bookmark, the little sugar bean bags and the tea towel. I am also planning one more quicky embroidery project before I need to go into the hospital if I have the chance.
I wonder if all the time I need to rest and recover after the C section might actually give me a chance to finish it? *W* Looking at the positive side here. If I HAVE to stay in bed for a week or so, why not stay in bed with some books, knitting or embroidery? Though maybe that might be a bit optimistic and I will just sleep most of the time.

As you can see in the picture, it's just straight up garter stitch all the way through, and the needles are pretty tiny: size three. I am working it on circulars, because I just prefer them, even though I use it like straights. I like the green color of the yarn, and the feel of it. So yesterday I started my first... ghasp... shaping. It was simple enough: knit the first eighteen stitches of the row, turn, and knit back until this part has reached a certain height, then bind off. I managed to do it, even the binding off, which wasn't as easy since the yarn does split easily and the needles are pretty small. Still... I DID it. Now on to the next part: slip a number of stitches on a stitch holder, then rejoin yarn and do the last 18. I know all the experienced knitters are almost falling over laughing at the simplicity, but to a beginner and ahm... klutzy knitter... I am in awe! We will see how it works out!


Amy Caroline said...

Hey nothing is simple! I have done patterns where I had to frog it all out and even given up on, despite the pattern looked super simple! Don't give up!!! And congrats on Michael!!

Caeseria said...

I would expect to do a lot of sleeping the first few days. 24 hours after mine, which was about how long it took me to wake up, I decided I was pumping every three hours, round the clock. I had my husband bring an alarm from home so I could get up all night too. Then after 24 hours of that, I spent the next 48 barely waking for meals. Admittedly, I was healing from more than just the surgery, but still. Plan on sleeping a lot. Then anything you do get done will be a pleasant surprise.