Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy ... but not productive

I have been busy though not productive these last months when it comes to crafting and needlework, which is why this post does not have pictures. I have knitted mostly, spending a lot of time on a sock. You may remember my sock knitting project. Unfortunately it never got finished because a certain two year old got his hands on it and unravelled it. I certainly will try and get back to it at one time or another.
In the mean time I have been knitting on scarves and crocheting on practice swatches. I did finish one pretty ornament in fine crochet which I gave away for a birthday.
I spend a lot of time preparing to make a funeral pall for our church. Unfortunately that project did not go through, which again left me with many things learned, but no project as a result. When traveling to Belgium I picked up a little crochet project, in which I experimented with granny squares. Unfortunately I forgot the book with the pattern on the plane. I downloaded another pattern while in Belgium, I made three, but... forgot to take them back with me. So again... no projects to show off from that effort. Are we starting to see a pattern here????

I managed to finish a prayer shawl for a dear friend who is going through troubled times. This took a lot longer because of the pregnancy. Currently I am also embroidering trefoil celtic knots on some very pretty napkins. While I have been sabotaged by some little inconveniences while traveling for the holidays (like a hoop that malfunctioned etc.) I am close to finishing the third one and getting into a rhythm. I realize now how much I have missed embroidery and am trying to get as much time in before the baby is born, when I will probably return to knitting for a while, since it is easier to pick up and put down.

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