Monday, February 23, 2009

The Simple Woman's daybook

I am following in Peggy's footsteps again and am exploring the day through her daybook format.

For february 23d

Outside my window... The sun is colouring everything outside my window a beautiful golden colour against a stark blue backdrop. A leaf is making summersaults on the streets now and again, encouraged by the wind, but the trees do not seem to wave as much. It might become a very nice day here.

I am thinking... about the way the rest of the day will go. How long will my cute boy leave me to finish this post? Will he be in a good mood? And will there be todler tantrums today? THey don't bother me too much, until about 6.30 pm when I am starting to get tired.

From the learning rooms... we are colouring with crayons and I am still making plans for the learning room that I will set up one day. Bookshelves, bins, a table, maybe a small mommy desk.

I am thankful for... my husband and his utter kindness and love towards me.

From the kitchen... I need to go shopping soon. Tonight probably will be spinach potato mash with bacon. Then tomorrow we will have pancakes for fat tuesday. I need to be ready for Lent.

I am wearing... a knit black and white dress with black top over it to combat the morning cold. I am even wearing boots on my feet. Yes! I managed to be well dressed when I am making this post!

I am reading... a magazine called "Real Simple". It was an impulse buy last night because I ran out of books. Still not something I should do too often, even if it is a nice read. But I really think the ratio advertisement to articles should be lower!

I am hoping... to be able to go to the library tonight, to have a good day with my little boy and to get some of the laundry backlog worked away.

I am creating... a sock. Yes, still that same sock. Things have been busy. I am also trying to create a wonderful and happy home. But that is a day to day project that will never be finished.

I am hearing... the clock, the zooming of my computer and now and again the floor creaking upstairs as my husband moves about.

Around the house... laundry today, as well as a serious sit down to make some preparations for lent. It's there in only TWO days!

One of my favorite things... Just enjoying the time to write my thoughts down, to craft a sentence and to sit here with a bit of sunlight playing near, slowing down and reflecting.

A few plans for the rest of the week...starting tonight with birthright, preparing for Ashwedneday, Ash wednesday mass. Starting the newsletter. And contacting a friend for a playdate.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...


Jerralea said...

Creating a happy and peaceful home is quite the challenge!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. By the way, I love the photo in your blog header!

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