Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inspiration, another rabbit trail

I am upset with Preppy Cricket. Well... not really upset. But does she not know how dangerous it is first to post such magnificent foto's of childrens bedrooms. And then to mention the new website in which the furniture for these photo's is to be found? Leading me to discover a whole new website with cute and interesting childrens toys and furniture?
I am convinced she is in on a conspiracy! Emma started it with this play kitchen. For a while I had noticed my sons interest in stirring his own pot and so far I had nurtured it by leaving a few cabinets accessible to him so he could get out (unbreakable) pots and pans. I offered him a spoon and that was that. But Emma's playkitchen led to more ambitious plans. My son might like a playkitchen of his own. And I might like the freedom of movement to cook while he cooked alongside with me!

This was the result of my first brainstorm:

Yes, that is a shoebox that makes him a little stove and a big magnet (too big to swallow) as some food, as well as an empty box of macaroni to play with. I remembered the little kitchen in preschool which was stocked mostly with empty boxes and jars from parent's shelves. Then Kelly led me to her new website, full of plans and hopes to 'feather her new nest'. And the planning and decorating bug bit hard. Oh, it had been gnawing for a while now, leading to the earlier reorganising of my desk and the plans for a learning room. But now it truely started buzzing around my head as well with all kinds of possibilities to improve and beautify our house. Small projects here and there. Would that little shoerack that is just holding a box of diapers in the hallway not be better solution for a little stove than a shoebox? Hmmm... it could hold a small pot underneath and a spoon or such on the shelf and then on top he could be cooking... now that would work for now.

Already I had ordered a new Ikea catalog and had been looking at the clearance section of Pottery Barn for Kids and ToysRus furniture.
But now the Preppy Cricket added another website to look at. And guess what they have?

Is that not the cutest little toykitchen imaginable? It's portable which is perfect for our on the move boy. It's not too big, and best of all, it's only 35 dollars at
land of nod.

I think this actually might become the first toy mommy and daddy buy for our little boy. And there are so many cute new ideas and oportunities opening up for new improvements to our home. A learning room. Soon an end to the highchair and hello to booster seats. Crayons and paper and books are slowly replacing rattles and stacking rings. A whole new phase to adjust to and enjoy.


Emma said...

Kitchen! It is the most played with toy in our house:)

Emma said...

I got cut off! I was saying that I think that you will love the play kitchen!! Sorry about that!