Monday, February 9, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Enjoy the Simple Woman's Daybook in all it's original glory.

FOR TODAY the 9th of february 2008

Outside my window...It's sunny outside and the sky is as blue as a robins egg. The trees look almost pale gold against this backdrop and everything just seems to gleam. A bird just flew by in the yard across the street and made me smile doing so. I can also see some shot up weeds in my fairly brown front yard. It needs some more care now that the weather seems to be turning to sunny and warmer.

I am thinking...that I wish I could have some more sleep. It's shaping up to become a busy day though, and I doubt there will be time for a nap. I have a meeting this evening, food to make for it, a baby to play with and some other things that desperately need doing instead of thinking of it.

I am thankful for... The state of my desk which actually looks not just tidy, but even nice. I should look in the garden later for some flowers.

From the learning rooms...Still dreaming about how to decorate a learning room. We spend some time yesterday with flashcards and discovered that Joseph knows about a third of all the words already. Wow.

From the kitchen...crockpot peasoup for this evening, with smoked sausage. I have a meeting and this is an easy and wintery meal. Looking at the day it might shape up a bit warm for it though.

I am wearing...A red tunic shirt and a dark wash straight legged jeans. I am not that fond of wearing jeans. They can look fabulous, but they so often become the item that you wear because your laundery hasn't been done. (or is that just me?) I prefer wearing a dress or a skirt. Still, at least this monday I am not posting in a fuzzy bathrobe!

I am creating...I am still working on my sock, it will take a long time, since for now it's only a round here and there that gets finished. I am also currently considering working on a recitation around texts from Hildegard of Bingen. But that is just in the concept stages.

I am stay calm, happy and serene today, despite the lack of sleep.

I am reading...'Drunk, Divorced and covered in Cat hair'.

I am hoping... for some new creative possibilities in my life to work out.

I am hearing...The sound of a duckling on a youtube video as my son is watching duck and dog while sitting on my lap.

Around the house...Tonight the house will be clean, clean, clean.

One of my favorite things...musicals. The dramatic music of musicals give me that extra boost to get things done when I have difficulty getting myself into gear, like I am this morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week: meeting tonight, need to finish up the newsletter, want to go to the childrens museum with Joseph, and need to start thinking about a lent menu.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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Jenny said...

Peasoup sounds delicious! Have fun at your meeting.