Sunday, February 8, 2009

Every woman needs beauty

You may remember how a visit to a friends house a few days ago, made me feel slightly melancholic for the days in which I could surround myself with embroidered napkins instead of paper towels and my decorating dreams centered around pottery barn catalogues instead of ToysRus.
I know that with children there will be messes and that there will be toys littering my living room for a long time still. We hope to be blessed with more children so for the next few years this cycle of diapers, strollers, plush toys and plastic trains will repeat itsself.

As Cricket remarked though, a woman needs to surround herself with some things of beauty. I did, and I do. But the challenge is to stop that beauty from being snowed under. So two days ago, I treated myself to a visit to Staples. With a few simple purchases I managed to reorganise the build-in desk I have here in the living room. And for the last two days it is making me smile.
A pretty, small red fileholder and two drawer organisers were all that I needed. I moved everything I frequently used from the big black scrapbooking tote that had served as my office supply cabinet into the desk drawers or the fileholder. Tossing a lot of paper clutter and rearranging some pictures did the rest. The scrapbooking tote as well as the yarn went upstairs to the craftroom where they belong. And it even gave me some room to put some Joseph friendly art supplies in the little cupboards under the desk.

The result is a workspace that looks much more inviting. The picture frames lend it some elegance, the fileholder is a nice pop of colour and there is room now for a little vase with flowers as well. Maybe as the weather turns warmer, there will be some from my own garden that will add their beauty to this little corner. But even now, I feel happier looking at my desk.

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Wendy said...

Very nice! I am all about organization myself -- it definitely cheers me to have a place for everything so I'm not overwhelmed by clutter. I can really go crazy in the storage/organization section at Target. :)