Monday, February 2, 2009

The Simple Womans Daybook

Enjoy the Simple Woman's Daybook in all it's original glory.

FOR TODAY the 2d of february 2008

Outside my window...I can't see the sun, but there is this silvery light shimmering over the street that holds the promise of a sunny day. I hope it get's warm today so that Joseph and I can spend some time in the garden. I have such plans for the garden for this spring and summer.

I am thinking...that it is almost time to get my little pumpkin baby out of his bed, and I hope he and I will have a wonderful day together. I love the way he sort of 'pops up' like a little Jack-in-the-box when I get him out of bed and then exclaims 'mama' in that wonderful suprised voice of his as if he is happily amazed to see me.

I am thankful for... an email from a friend last evening, and a wonderful compliment that put an immediate end to a grumpy mood.

From the learning rooms...I am actually considering making a 'learning room' in my house. We are not there yet of course, but I am starting to have some lovely plans in my head.

From the kitchen...Spaghetti this evening, with my homemade sauce with beef, tomato, bellpeppers and carrots. I am also going to cook more healthy this week. I have bought a few of the ingredients that I need. One of my problems is that I shop at Aldi's every week and many ingredients that I want or need for healthy cooking are not available there, like wholegrain pasta, lentils, not to mention spiced oils, tofu or 'health food' that is not chemically engineerd. I like their fresh foods and even some of their frozen selection. But I spend a 'big shopping' at our local publix to add some ingredients for the next few weeks.

I am morning bathrobe. I wish I could put something else here, and I can tell you that I do not spend my day in this thing. It is my 'waking up' attire, because the house is cold and I just shrug something on when going downstairs and then put 'real clothes' on a few hours later when the rest of the household gets up. I should however get back in the routine of immediately dressing in the morning.

I am creating...I am TRYING to create a sock. There will be some up and downs in the process.

I am buy another package of sock needles so that I have the one missing size three double pointed needle.

I am reading...'Bringing up baby Bilingual' from Janet Merril.

I am hoping... for a nice week with some special surprises for my mom, and some clear answers from the doctor on Joseph's possible food allergies.

I am hearing...The murmur of my husband reading the liturgy of the hours.

Around the house...I will tackle some laundry sorting today. Strange that that's a chore that I keep postponing while I actually don't even dislike it.

One of my favorite the idea that we will soon have warmer weather. I love living in the South.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Going to the doctor with Joseph, finish up a promising roleplay, get started on my sock, go to the museum, find out when storytime starts again, start writing a newsletter and keep the house in order

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Love Bears All Things said...

I know how you feel about "I am wearing". I always do my post in my jammies.
I enjoyed your daybook. The answer to "I am thinking" was precious.
Mama Bear

Jen said...

My posts are almost always in my "comfy clothes". I enjoyed your daybook. Have a great week.

ukok said...

Eva, what a lovely thing, to hear the murmer of your beloved reading the Liturgy of the Hours. God has really blessed you both to meet and fall in love with someone to whom faith is of such importance. May God continue to bless your marriage...and thank you so much for your prayers.

God Bless you!

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed your Daybook entry.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing your Daybook! I also love the way that little ones spring up in their crib and are so excited to see Mom in the morning (and after naps). They're still so warm from sleep and cuddly!

Cheers from Nebraska and from a fellow Catholic! :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your daybook. Hope the doctor has the answers you've been waiting for.

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