Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A glorious day

Last Saturday was not my most wonderful day. Yet I am proud of myself for being able to look past the borders of that day, even while it was going on, and look to the better days and even the magical ones.
Today was one of those gold bordered days it seems. And I had actually been dreading it. To avoid a long wait at the doctors I had snagged the second spot of the day, which was at 8.30 am. But since I had to bring my husband to work first (we chose to be a one car family) We needed to leave the house at 7.30 am. Two hours before Joseph's usual wake up time. And I do not like to tamper with his sleeping or nap schedule.

I could have spared myself all the worrying. Joseph behaved perfectly. He played nicely in the waiting room. He charmed all the nurses. And the doctor. Weight and height are in perfect proportion and he is way ahead of his 16 month development. In fact he would be ahead for his 18 month check up in cognitive as well as physical skills, and has a vocabulary triple of what an average sixteen month old has. Aside from that, he cried only for about five minutes when getting his shots and then was back to his sunny self.

He behaved incredibly well the entire day, playing a lot, bringing books and just being very sweet. It was so visible to me what a little sponge he is. And I feel so blessed to be able to spend this much time with him. I saw him select four puzzle pieces that together made up a yellow truck out of a whole box of puzzle pieces. He somehow knew that these pieces went together, even if he can't yet fit them together perfectly all the time. It just amazes me how much he can do already, how much he anderstands and how much every little game of blocks, puzzles and itsy bitsy spider helps him learn more things.
And as the most wonderful bow around the package, he is such a happy, affectionate boy, friendly towards other people, and loving towards his parents.

Ah yes, today is one of those gold border days!

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Karen said...

Oh what a smiley guy!!! Isn't it funny that when we think things will go well - that's when our children decide to act like hooligans. When we're prepared for the worst behaviour, they're just angelic.