Monday, February 2, 2009

The sock

Goodmorning and a great week to all!
Tiffibug is helping me out in my quest to knit a sock. It seems a slightly insane idea for someone who learned how to knit only a few months ago to attempt a sock, but there is something about the idea that stuck into my mind. So far I have knitted scarves, shawles and baby booties.
Why socks? I can probably put the blame on the often quoted book: "No idle hands, a social history of American Knitting." (I will get everybody to read that book.) It gave me just a little taste of knitting and especially of the idea of knitting socks.

Unfortunately there seems to be some sabotage going on. Knitting lingo is scary and it took me a while to find a pattern that didn't frighten me away from my needles. After I finally found a pattern that seemed both readable and doable I didn't have the right needles. I bought a circular needle in the right size, but the cable turned out not to be flexible enough or long enough for the magic loop knitting I was hoping to try. Luckily I had bought a back up of double pointed needles and I looked forward to start my first training sock this morning. Only to discover after I opened the package that I am one needle short. The pattern I use requires five needles and this package only contains four. Strange, since the package of wrong sized sockneedles that I bought a week earlier did have five needles per set.
Well, back to my practice swatch it is until I have the right needles. I might even eliminate some mistakes this way.