Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple hospitality

Last night there was a meeting of the board of the Ladies committee of our Church at my home. All the arrangements had been made informally and all of a sudden on the day itsself I found out that there would be thirteen of us trying to cram into my empty front room. There was talk about food and all of a sudden it seemed overwhelming.
One of the ladies brought a fold out table, I put on a crockpot of pea soup, and gathered every mismatched chair in the house in the front room. Everybody brought food it seemed and despite the fact that the meeting was pretty exhausted, it felt good to have everyone sit there in that front room. The table was borrowed, but I had a table cloth that fit just right, and we all just barely fit. After the meeting, we all had food, things varied from chex mix, to Asian slaw, from brownies to pea soup, from Lasagne to quiche to coconut pie... And it was marvelous. We stood around or found chairs back in the front room, we talked of husbands and children and Joseph ran all through it. ]
Sometimes it just does not take much to have a wonderful gathering. Sometimes it just takes the effort to open your door and let people walk in.


Wendy said...

So true. So many times I put off opportunities to show hospitality because my house isn't in perfect order, or because I don't have everything that Martha Stewart tells me I need to entertain properly. :) What a blessing to be reminded that God has given us our homes, and part of good stewardship is sharing them with others.

Shannon said...

Oh, if I worried about doing things "right" we'd never have anybody over! IT is amazing but our house seems to always expand to fit everyone, and we always seem to have more than enough food. I even quit going insane about the house-because as soon as there are kids here- ever single toy comes out and kids are going in and out of the house.

I love having people over, and recognized long ago that I didn't want to ruing that joy by making everyone around me miserable as we prepared for company.

I figure it's a take me as I am kind of thing. I am chaos in motion, but am also full of love and devotion for the people in ourlives. Gatherings at our house reflect that!

And I think now there's defintely pea soup in my near future...that sounded good....mmmmmmmmm

Karen said...

How true....and later down the road no one will probably remember the mismatched chairs, but they WILL remember the food, conversation and the warmth you exhibited by sharing your home!

Jenny said...

I'm glad all went well.