Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joseph sings.... Beyonce and JayZ?????

Ahhh... the failings of motherhood. Shannons children sing the Litany of the Saints in Latin in bed. Joseph sings... Beyonce and JayZ.
I have considered long and hard before putting this on my blog. But I figured people reading this deserve the chuckle.

To my defence, I did not know it was Beyonce. To my beloved husbands discredit... he did. *LOL* Here is the story. When Joseph falls or drops some thing, mommy and daddy often say 'uh oh'. For some reason, from somewhere, I got this whole 'uh oh uh oh uh oh-oh-oh-oh' melody in my head when doing that one day.
I blame the fact that I was teaching highschool around the time this number came along and I must have picked it up from my students. It sounded fun and I repeatedly sang it when I caught myself saying 'uh oh'.

When Joseph started to repeat the 'uh oh' melody, it was very cute. His first song. I even caught it on camera. After a few weeks of this, I mentioned out loud to my wonderful husband that I wish I knew what it was and where I had picked it up.... He mentioned Beyonce and the song 'Crazy'. I looked it up today on Youtube. (not advisable) "Uh oh!" is right.


Jenny said...

That is so funny. Uh-oh is right!

Kate said...

No matter how many times I croon "Jesus Loves Me" my son prefers the Bob the Builder Theme song or the Kipper the Dog Theme song. His latest preference is a rendition of "Happy Birthday."

When he asks for a song at bedtime, I sing "Good-night My Someone" from The Music Man, except I insert his name for "someone."