Saturday, February 7, 2009

How much is that doggie in the... cupboard?

My little boy, who has never been that interested in stuffed animals, developed an interest pretty rapidly in sleeping with them over the last month. It started out with duck. Actually, it started out with an empty cola bottle that daddy gave him to play with when he layed down for a nap. It kept him quiet instead of having him start nap time off howling. We found out that if we gave him his duck to take along to bed for naptime, he would go without much protest.
But after duck he also wanted to take doggie. And then after doggie he also wanted to take bear. Which is why each time when he goes up to bed, the whole menagerie goes along. And each time we bring him down, all three animals need to be taken down with him, where they are promptly forgotten once he has set foot on the living room floor.

But a few days ago, doggie went missing. For two naps and nights, we could not find doggie. We looked around at bedtime, but... no doggie under the couch, no doggie in the playpen. No doggie in the toybasket. No doggie under the desk.
Joseph asked after 'woefwoef' a few times, but was pretty content to go to bed with duck, bear and a toy horse added into the mix instead. Still, we wondered where the doggie had gone.

Last night, I really wondered 'now where could that dog have gone'? I tracked in my mind all the places where Joseph tends to play and all of a sudden I got it! I went to the kitchen, opened the doors to one of my bottom cabinet.. and upon closer inspection saw a little snout peeking from the deepest shadows of the cabinet. He had locked woefwoef in the cabinet!
I called Joseph and pointed. He immediately fell upon the little dog with great enthousiasm, dragging him out, hugging him close..... to then drop him on the floor again and forget all about him. Ahh, such a fickle, fickle love. And that while doggie has actually been with him since he was a tiny baby.

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