Monday, January 5, 2009

After the holidays

With Epiphany behind us, the holiday season is now completely over. Time to get back to the regular routine of day to day life. To tell the truth I am looking forward to it, even as we steal a few more extra days of holiday by spending some time with my parents in law. They are wonderful people that have welcomed me into the family from the very beginning, and of course they are happy to spend time with their overly adorable grandson.

But this wednesday it IS back to normal life. And what has been happening to my good intentions so far?
Well, considering the fact that I arrived home late the second of january, then left again the afternoon of the fourth, I would say we have been doing well. We have gotten up at a decent hour, spend the morning either tending to things that needed tending to, or (here at my in laws where there is not much to tend to) reading and doing some knitting. That allows me to start the day in peace. We are getting close to setting some kind of routine up and have been talking with my parents in law about plans for the entire year. That will give us more room to think in advance about preparations so our routines don't get tossed out so easily.

I am also looking for very EASY and quick recipe's of healthy food with simple ingredients. Many of the crockpot dishes that I've seen seem to ask for cream soups and have too few veggies, while my main objective is to get more veggies in our diet. Unfortunately the time I make dinner when it is not crockpot related is the time when Joseph starts to get fussy and wanting lots of mommy attention: the time right before daddy comes home. So it becomes pretty difficult to make something that requires a lot of chop and prep work. I am going to make this work though.
One day a week will be soup. One day stir fry perhaps. One day either chili or spaghetti with lots of veggies. That way I have four days for variations.

I am starting to feel better, hoping the new year will be a comfortable one, with peave of mind and less of the harried feeling that marked most of last year.