Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Intimate subjects

"Tell it like it is" often is an expression used to excuse saying whatever you want without caring about the feelings of others. Sometimes it means talking about a person in a hurtful way. Sometimes, under the motto of 'calling a spade a spade' it means talking about things without delicacy.
Of course I think we should always speak the truth, but not every topic is as suitable for every occasion or to be shared with every person. Sometimes when blogging I feel called to speak about something for which I would use a different voice level in public or even in private. SSometimes these are beautiful subjects, like childbirth, or the joy between husband and wife. But they are... intimate.
I would like to use this button at the top of my post to alert people to this change in tone. Certainly, whatever is written on an open blog on the internet is by it's very nature public. But this way I wish to at least hang some sheer curtains over what is to come, allowing you to walk past with a smile, or to carefully step behind the curtains to listen.

I invite people to use this same button or to design their own. To add a quiet little alcove in your blogs if you want to speak about something that requires a bit more delicacy from both the writer and the reader. The button is not intended to be an excuse for any form of lewd posting or exhibitionist behaviour. Don't forget: sheer curtains won't stop anyone from actually reading what you say.


Heidi said...

I so agree about people using any excuse to say things that are hurtful or mean or rude. Often the excuse is that it is their right to freedom of speech. What happened to being a sensitive human being and considering others. It does not hurt us but builds us up spiritually to think whether our words will have a bad or hurtful effect on others around us. This is well said Eva!

I did change the photo from my Christmas stitching. I like to change the header photos of both my blogs regularly since I would like to think it keeps you interested. :)

Have a safe and happy New Year's!

Hugs ~

Emma said...

What a great idea, Eva!

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