Monday, December 29, 2008

Not sure what hit me

I am still...sick. ICK! I feel like all I have done the last few months is talk about how I am sick. But ever since the start of november I have alternated between sick (cold, flu, cold) and slowly recuperating. Each time I am finally well again, it seems like an other virus is ready to strike. I am hoping that we manage to break this cycle before we return home to South Carolina after the holidays. I have so many plans (better meals for my family, better planning for my days) and a body that just isn't cooperating.
I need some vitamins or an immunity booster. Any recommendations?


Shannon said...

Are you taking Vitamin C and Zinc?? I am sorry that you are still feeling not so good. It's always the pits when it just seems like colds are one right after the other (((((Eva))))))

Heidi said...

It is the same thing here right now too. I have had a bad cough since October. Everyone keeps telling me I need to see the doctor but I don't like our doctor. I hope you are able to get on top of your cold very soon. Just keep yourself from getting over tired. I find that makes everything worse.

Hugs ~