Friday, October 3, 2008

When you realise your baby is getting too smart for you (September 1 2008)

A few weeks ago Joseph found that he could lift the lid of the Airconditioning (AC) in the sunroom and could then turn the dials to have it go on, off, blowing harder or less. Mommy and daddy did not think that was so fun a game, so after a few trial solutions, they found out they could pull the nobs of the dials off. I put them away on a little bookshelf at the other side of the room out of Josephs reach and sight. He now and again went to the AC poked his fingers around but quickly lost interest since no interesting noises or blazes started and all was quiet and happy again during playtime in the sunroom.Our little guy however is growing like a weed and aparently he can now reach the top of that little bookshelf if he stands on tiptoes. He demonstrated that while I had turned my back for a moment and managed to get his hands on the forgotten nobs. Now here is where he gets too smart. He must have remembered where he saw them and what they were, because he proceeded to bring them over to the AC and try to prod them back in the right hole. This would have been impressive enough in my opinion. He did not think so. He left the nobs under the AC for a bit to play with other things, but when daddy arrived downstairs, he wanted to be really impressive and proceeded to make a new atempt, this time succeeding somehow in re attaching the nobs and to torn the AC on. Considering the fact that you need to line up a tiny half moon shape in the inner ring of the nob with a metal rod in the dial, I am impressed. His grandfather says he is going to be an engineer.

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