Friday, October 3, 2008

Menuplan (August 31 2008)

This is next weeks menu plan. I haven't posted my menu's in a while, but they keep a big part of my life. I think menu plans are the first thing that came back in my household routine after baby was born. I need to be able to look at the list at noon and see what I need to do so dinner is ready. My husband needs to work like crazy for the next few months, so I try to have dinner ready to be on the table within ten minutes after he comes home. That means that prep work and part of the cooking need to be done before. There is not much room to experiment with new dishes, so I try to keep it at some easy simple staples. So for the next week this is the menu.

pizza (for now groceries are on sunday, though we try to change this to saturday. After a day of running around, it's easy to just put a pizza in the oven.)
chili con carne in the crockpot.
tuesday (I made the mushroom sauce yesterday)
pasta with mushroom sauce and pine nuts
cherries with meatballs
stuffed pasta
fish with green beans, tartar sauce and sweet potato mash
eat out
Turkey mignonette with stir fry

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