Friday, October 3, 2008

All the duckies are swimming in the water (September 4 2008)

that's how a dutch childrens song goes: "alle eendjes zwemmen in het water." I have been singing it a lot. Joseph must have understood. While I was washing my face and putting on cream, Joseph was happily playing with the yellow rubber duckie that he loves so much on the bathroom floor. But duckies belong in the water, right? And where do you find water......? Right!So by the time mommy turns around to smile at Joseph who had been happily brabbling about "Du" "Du" ... She sees Joseph contently floating his ducky in the toilet bowl. That was today's smiling mommy moment. (though I of course rescued the poor duckie and cleaned of Joseph's hands while explaining the duckie should not swim in the toilet.)Yesterday was a PROUD mommy moment. Our laundry nook is off the hallway leading to the garage. Joseph likes to go there because he isn't suposed to (there are laundry baskets, the steamer, it's not childproofed etc.) Yesterday however, I allowed him to come with me while I was putting the laundry from the washer in the dryer. I opened the dryer and Joseph of course went to investigate this interesting hole that an opened dryer makes. I saw him standing there in front of it and thought... why not? So I handed him a small pair of baby pants and showed him with a T shirt from daddy how to put it in the dryer. Lo and Behold... mommies little helper put the pants in the dryer. All the little things that I handed him went straight into the dryer! Mommy was VERY proud of her little helper. But it becomes better! A few hours later, mommy remembers the laundry sitting in the dryer. So she takes Joseph back with her to the laundry nook and thinks.. hmm... he might help again. So she gives him a pair of baby pants, just POINTS to Joseph's clean laundry basket and says: "The pants go in THAT basket." And... unbelievable but true, Joseph seems to understand because he walks to the basket, stretches as high as he can (the basket is a bit bigger than he is) and puts the pants in the basket, repeating this performance with everything that mommy gives him to put in his basket.Proud mommy!

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