Friday, October 3, 2008

Time flies when you are having fun... ehm a baby

Isn't he cute when he is sleeping? His dad took this picture. His dad btw is extremely cute too. Joseph is especially cute after I have slept, which at nearly three months I still am not doing too much. He managed to go to sleep at 11.30 pm last night, then wake up at 3.30 am and needing to be fed. Not a problem. It becomes more of a problem though if after being fed he does not want to go to sleep anymore or be quiet. It was past 5 am before we managed to get him back to sleep, and then only because daddy took him in the big bed for a while. Once he sleeps it seems to be ok for a few hours, but falling asleep is not Josephs forte. During the day there is still not much time for mommy to have her hands free. Therefor each free minute is taken up by things like coooking, cleaning, and trying to restore some semblance of life, and this blog, as well as any non essential activity, suffers.
I am hoping and praying that Joseph will manage to get into a better rhytm soon because sleep deprivation and social isolation is making mommy cranky after three months.

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