Friday, October 3, 2008

So now I'm scared (December 14 2007)

Actually, I've been scared from the moment I knew we were going to do this. We are going to fly to Belgium tomorrow with our 3 month old baby.
This means two hours of driving. Then getting through security and all that fun stuff and waiting in the first airport. Then flying two or three hours. Then waiting another three or more hours in the next airport. Then flying about nine hours. Then driving another hour. All this with an almost three month old who chose this moment to become slightly ill for the first time.
I think people who travel with young babies should be given first class treatment for free. Everywhere. The one consolation I have is that in his only other traveling experience, driving from Columbia SC to Nashville Tenessee and from there to Saint Louis MO, Joseph did well. Still... I am scared. Especially if any of you reading this remember my posts about "the journey of a lifetime", which was our last travel by air experience. *shudders*

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