Friday, October 3, 2008

Other plans for world domination (Januari 18 2007)

You might start to believe me a suspicious person after I have pinned the tail on the sockmonster and before that exposed the world domination plans of our stressball. I will convince you otherwise of course when yesterday, while I told my husband about my stressball theory, he immediately mentioned that just that day, he had received a new stressball at work. See? See? I barely uncover their plot on the internet and they already send their minions to spy on me.
Other objects that I am certain are involved in some sort of complot include the variety of christmas decorations. Don't tell me I am the only person whose house they have taken over. And why can't I ever take them down immediately after epiphany? This is certainly not my fault. I have resolved at least a dozen times to take them down. So... why is there still a golden ornament saying: 'Joy' and 'Noel' here on the ledge in front of my computer? And why are there still two ball shaped ornaments on the ledge in between the candles? Plus I am quite, quite certain I have asked my husband to take down the heavy porcelan nativity scene. This can only mean one thing: They are in on the complot. Stressballs... ballshaped ornaments... you see the connection? I'm convinced the sockmonster is secretely ball shaped. But ssssshhhh... be careful when you spread this info. You never know when a new stressball might show up to check on you. They like to keep this under the wraps.

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