Friday, October 3, 2008

Monsters (Januari 17 2007)

As a child my mother told me there were no monsters in the house. No monsters under the bed, not in the closet, not anywhere. I realise of course that that is what a mother has to say to make a terrified daughter go to sleep. But once you grow up and you have your own household and family to take care of, you know better. There is at least one monster in the house, and it's hiding in the washing machine and the dryer. We all know this hideous beast that has many names in ancient tongues, but in common English is best known as.... the sock monster. Though some people continue to doubt the existence of the sockmonster, every housewife knows better.
There have been books written about the sockmonster, there are images made in his likeness, and I even heard that Steven Spielberg is planning a movie. And well, if he isn't, he should be.
Today the sock monster took two innocent victims at our house. A black and a blue sock. Because one thing you have to admit about the sockmonster is that he doesn't discriminate on colour. I would say, on the contrary, the more colours the happier he is, which of course leaves behind a host of unconsolable, lonely sock widows and widowers. I really think someone should do something. Maybe that Jack Bauer guy of 24 could look into it..

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