Friday, October 3, 2008

The wrong genes (Jan 21, 2007)

I'm probably about three weeks into my pregnancy, maybe about one month, and the last two days I have been sick like a halfdrowned cat. My very first baby. Both my husband and I are utterly thrilled. My beloved mother informed me that she hadn't been sick at all all through her pregnancy. Hurray. I think I truely have inherited all the wrong genes from her. The organisation gene for example. My mother has it, but she didn't pass it on. Sure, she passed on her LOVE for organisation, which explains why you see me moon over all kinds of bags and totes to organise my craft materials, my office materials, my clothing, and my kitchen. At Joanns, fabrics and threads are on temptation, but it's the storage that is really hard to resist. It is why each morning finds me marveling and nodding at the wonderful blog of this 'organiser junkie'. But actually MANAGING to organise my day so far I have not yet been able to accomplish. Some things help. My trusty calendar and my menuplan, but in general, half organised chaos follows in my wake, which is why I'm going to call my mother tomorrow and tell her to come over from Belgium. After all, I need someone here to organise the household while I'm holding my tummy. Seems reasonable, right?

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