Friday, October 3, 2008

My little boy and his first medal

Here is my little boy, being awarded a 'reading medal' at our library for all the books mommy and he read. He got a lot of goodies. A coupon for a free frosty at Wendy's, an iron on of the library, a coupon for a free book at the Friends of the Library booksale, a rub on tattoo, and so on.. And then of course, the medal. It is actually pretty nice with an open book depicted over the shape of the state of South Carolina. They made a lovely little ceremony of giving the medal, with triumphant music of... Star Wars.

Wedding2 044b
While I am not that big a Star Wars fan (Lord of the Rings is my nerdy movie love), my husband is. He loved the movies as a child and one of our first dates was to the latest edition of a Star Wars movie. On our wedding I surprised him by having the cake being entered on music of Star Wars. I think the Emperors march or something. The cake had been made by a friend of ours and as the lights were dimmed the music started and there was firework coming out of the cake as they rolled it out. (that was a surprise for me too)
So now I have two wonderful memories associated with Star Wars. We are actually thinking about adding a third one. For Halloween this year, we are seriously considering Star Wars Costumes. There are some incredibly cute Star Wars toddler costumes. I found that out while looking for a Golum costume for Joseph. There was a LOTR marathon on TV the last few days and Joseph now and again had a peek and he became incredibly animated when he saw Golum. He went to the TV and started to interact with him. Now he is not allowed to watch TV himself and we also put the TV off when we notice he is watching along with a program that we are watching. But he was happily playing, ignoring the TV until Golum appeared. And he just LOVED that weird little creature. Too bad we could not find a todler Golum costume, but... he might make a very cute Darth Vedar.

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