Friday, October 3, 2008

Longing for beauty (August 24 2008)

A while ago, I stumbled over this blog: Broken Needle. And I immediately fell in love. Seeing the beautiful embroidery and knitting projects this lady does has me in awe. It makes me hopeful and envious at the same time. I have had to put embroidery to rest for a bit, my eleven month old boy does not leave me the time for it. And I miss it a lot. Embroidery was, for the longest time, my only non word related hobby and I felt like I was finally gaining some skills in it. Had I discovered this blog a bit earlier, I would have jumped in on the idea of an exchange. I had never heard of it, and I think it is great fun.

Inspirations, Issue 23 - Gorgeous Winter Embroidery
Reading this blog reminds me of my all time favourite embroidery magazine: Inspirations. Inspirations is an Australian Embroidery magazine with contributors from around the world. It truely is the "Rolls Royce of embroidery magazines" The lay out is stunning, the articles interesting, the projects to die for and the explenations very clear. Did I mention that Inspirations will be in the USA at the Embroiderers Guild of America convention in Atlanta? I so wish that I could go. It's only a four hour drive, but with a baby four hours to and from become too much. It might be the best thing for me not to be able to go. You see, I had promised myself that, as soon as I had gotten my drivers licence, my reward would be membership of the Guild. I would go to monthly meetings and hone my skills. Unfortunately in this season of my life, I just do not have the time. My sweet baby boy is more important and all demanding. It is not that I would not have the time for the once a month meeting, but I simply would not have made a stitch in between meetings. Embroidery, to me, requires relaxation, It requires spending some time to set up. It requires some space to spread out the needles, pins, and threads... without being afraid that a little hand will grab and hurt himself. After months of rebelling and trying, I have finally said goodbye to embroidery for a (hopefully short) season in my life. Reading the wonderful Broken Needle blog (and all the enticing links) is as bittersweet for me as going through my collection of Inspirations magazines. I look at all the beauty and all the wonderful projects beckoning and I feel a longing to create beauty that is hard to deny.
On the other hand, I have picked up knitting since it is easier to well... pick up here and there when you have a few minutes. My first project were baby booties that turned out much too big, but did get finished and actually had the shape of well... baby booties. Quite a triumph. By now I have one third done of my shawl and I so enjoy the feeling of soft, luxurious boucle wool. I hope Maria, for whom it is intended as a Christmas gift will enjoy it as much as I enjoy the feeling of making it. For now, it satisfies my longing to create, to feel the beauty of thread and fabric. It fills a little void in me and makes me a happier, more relaxed mommy. What is it they say? "Improvise, adapt, overcome". Strange to find the Marine Motto in a post amidst embroidery and babies. Nicholas Brown, my beloved little brother in spirit, would be proud of me.

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