Friday, October 3, 2008

Holidays (August 28 2008)

I am already thinking about our Halloween costumes. While the wheather here makes you think of barbecues and summer, my mind is in autumn and winter.
I love Christmas, and I dislike stress, together that makes for a good combination to start early. I have started on making one christmas present, I am making up lists on what else I need to make or buy. And I am trying to plan things out. Thanksgiving needs not much thought since we will go to my parents in law. I may make some cookies, but that will be all I need to do for that holiday. But Christmas is another thing. Last year, Joseph was less than three months old and not sleeping, so we were unable to do anything for the holiday aside from flying to Belgium with him and being spoiled. This year, I would like to do Christmas cards again, some little gifts, a plastic tree and some decorations. It will take some careful planning and lots of in advance work, because from september on our schedule is already filling up with Josephs first birthday, a weeklong visit of friends of mine in october, a little outing in november for my husband and me, plus Thanksgiving, my husbands birthday, and his fathers birthday, and then we are getting pretty close to Christmas already and flying to Belgium. Since all our last travel episodes have gone awry, and we will be travelling with a toddler this time... I want to be REALLY well prepared.

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