Friday, October 3, 2008

I bought a sewing machine (April 3, 2007)

It's definitely more than ten years since I first thought about buying a sewing machine. I borrowed my aunts for a while, but my father tired of the noise it made before I actually could learn to sew anything. For years I have contemplated the purchase, standing at the verge for a few times, but never actually making the jump....

Now... I have bought one, with the birthday money my mother in law gave me. And while of course my thoughts already are going to the splendid gowns and cute baby clothes I want to make, seeing that I have never sewn before in my life (not counting my embroidery) I think my first projects should be something simple like potholders... Or just maybe... these cute stuffed bunnies that I found here:

A few more days before the machine arrives being at home and pregnant, I hope to have plenty of time to learn. Wish me succes!

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