Friday, October 3, 2008

Commitment to loveliness (May 7, 2007)

It's time again for a commitment to loveliness. Emma challenges us, and I want to answer. I've let too many of them slip past me of late, and a busy schedule is no excuse not to put loveliness and feminity first in my relationship. I also should get back into the habit of posting more. Not evey post needs to be a masterpiece of writing, as long as I do post.

But first things first... what shall I do for this weeks commitment to loveliness? Again my goals need to be small but reachable. Isn't it wonderful? Just thinking about all the ways I can bring more beauty in my life already makes me smile. Hmmm... smiling more often... that could be one? Though no, I don't think I lack smiles in my life. It is too beautiful and makes me too happy in general not to smile. Then what will my commitments be this week?

Commitment to loveliness:

1. Refresh the water in the vase enough
2. Give myself a manicure
3. Work on my embroidery or work with the sewing machine
4. Keep my hair neat and experiment with hairdo's
5. Drink more water.

There, that should do it. Attainable, and beautifying! Hope I will manage. Succes to everyone else participating!

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