Friday, October 3, 2008

Menuplan Monday (May 7, 2007)

Time for me to post my menu again. I keep up with the menu's, even if I forget to post them most of the time. Being pregnant poses me with a dilemma every week. How to find nutritious meal that are quick and easy to make? I'm tired so often by the end of the day that I just prefer to take it easy. On the other hand, I do want to have a nice dinner with my husband in the evening. And if I am tired now, what will it be once the baby is here? Or once there are more babies? Best get in the habit now and build a repertoire of healthy, easy to make recipes. This week is a bit of an exception. Like all weeks, monday (or whatever shopping day I have) is the day in which I forget about nutritious and go for convenient. Monday is the day for pizza mostly. Today though, I have a strange hotdog craving, so hotdogs for dinner it is. Tuesday we have company, but the pasta carbonara is a dish I often make for just myself and my husband anyhow. The rest of the week looks pretty normal. I hope you enjoy!
easy meal: pizza or hotdog
pasta carbonara with a salad
chili con carne with couscous
vegetable stir fry with vegetarian nuggets
Spinach/ potato mash with fish and remoulade sauce
hamburgers with bell pepper sauce and pasta
eat out

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