Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Popcorn.. in Latin

My eldest son wants to know what Popcorn is called in Latin.  I think I am going to have to file that under "What happens when two Catholic nerds have children."  Especially considering the fact that my oldest son is four and does not even know what the right word is for Latin.
We do the meal blessing in English and Dutch, and the sign of the cross at bedtime in English, Dutch and Latin. He wanted to know first what popcorn was in Dutch.  That was easy.  Popcorn.  It is pronounced in a slightly different way, but it is still... popcorn.  Then he wanted to know what it was in 'the third'.  The third?
Yes.. in "In nomine patris..."

I had to reply to him that I did not know.  But I would ask my friends.  Which is why a group of people on facebook is currently trying to find the Latin plant name of corn and attempting to find the right Latin word that would be an equivalent of pop. So far they have excluded 'exploding', which has a nice Latin translation.  We will see what the end result is, and I will share it. You know, just in case you ever come across that question.  Somehow.


Maryb said...

I know corn is Frument. Then I'm stuck

Swanditch said...

"Corn that bursts" is "frumentum quod rumpit" in google translate.