Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Take a good look at this picture. Go ahead... click on it and make it as large as it can get. I like this picture. I think I look pretty in it. The moment I saw it on the little camera window, I said; "Oh, sweetie, that one looks great!" Well, of course I look great in it was what I meant. Joseph is making a weird face as he is trying to pull his hat off.
Unfortunately, when I pulled the picture up on the computer, I saw it. Ghasp! GREY hair!!! My long mane, my pride and crowning glory, my vanity (I will admit it), and now, there is silver creeping through it.
Now I had noticed over the last three years that maybe once every four or five months I would sprout a grey hair, but I always considered it an anomaly. A harbinger of things to come, preferably in about ten years or so. I am only 35 after all. Surely that is too young to start going grey.
But recently they have crept up more frequently. No, not that I have big chunks of grey going through, but instead of once every four months plucking out a colourless hair, it happened more frequently. Like every month. Or every week or two. And now this. The first photographic evidence of slender silver threads sneaking through my hair. It shocked me.
I was really considering of having my hair cut pretty soon. I LOVE it long, but it was getting harder and harder to 'put up' without giving me a headache, and at the end of a day with the children (or after an hour or two on some days) I was starting to look unkempt. I was considering going pretty short, to let the curls come out again, and with the intention of letting it grow back to my shoulders again. Like in this picture.

But now I am hesitating. Should I cut it? Or should I wait and ride out my long locks as long as I can? After all, once the grey really comes through, keeping it very long can look rather unkempt again. And I want to keep on looking elegant and growing older gracefully. Not a dilemma I thought I would face in my thirties! So, what is your advice?

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Anonymous said...

Your hair looks lovely in both photos!I was only twenty-four when the gray hairs started appearing, but my friend Clairol keeps me in color =D