Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It took us a while to get rid of the sickness that had permeated our house. It was stubborn and lingering and annoying. And the whole rhythm and routine that I had gotten into as well as the great progress that I had made in getting the house nice and clean had gone out of the window.
Luckily when we finally were better there was a treat in store for us. My wonderful husband's wonderful parents and sister came to South Carolina for a weekend of relaxation and an advanced birthday celebration for Joseph. His real birthday is not till September 21st, but since my mother in law just starts a new job the week before that, celebrating a bit early seemed appropriate.

For me, it meant several pairs of extra hands who loved taking the boys to the pool, playing with them and urging me and my husband to get the extra rest we needed, do our work, or go out to dinner with just the two of us. We did. We talked. We had time to speak about some things we want to change, some things we love, some things we want to try. We had time to walk hand in hand under the moonlight. We felt recharged.

And we had some lovely cake and presents too of course!!!

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