Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"That mom" is a member of my church. I had the pleasure of teaching her oldest daughter last year in confirmation class. We are part of the mom's group together. Our lives regularly cross. And I LOVE reading her blog.. This week's entry resonated with me. Siblings. I guess unless you are an only child yourself, sibling relationships are not something that really wonders you. But to me it is magic to see it. Last week, Joseph had gone to spend four days with his grandparents. While he was there, he didn't even want to come to the phone to talk with mommy, so much fun he had. But he DID admit to missing his 'baby'. When he arrived back here at home, he ran right past mommy who was waiting with open arms and dived for his brother who was sitting on the couch.

I grew up with other children at the 'stay over' mom after and before school. But it was not the same as having brothers and sisters. We were friends. We now are acquaintances. But living together, and sharing parents and space every single day is different. I can see it in my boys. It's intriguing to me to see how they become friends and more. The last two months I have seen them discover each other as playmates. Joseph realizes that Michael can run after him, or that he can run after Michael. Michael learns how to push a train over the tracks that Joseph has made. Sometimes they cuddle up and wiggle all over each other like puppies.
I have never known that. Never seen that. It is both strange and miraculous for me to watch those two very different children of a different age interact and grow together.

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