Friday, August 12, 2011


I love to be creative and I love to give my boys attractive and healthy food. Unfortunately, I usually lack both the time and the energy. I settle for healthy food. And sometimes I just settle for food, period. Still... I keep trying. Healthy works out most of the times, especially in the evening. My oldest is a slightly picky eater, but he does not have a problem with veggies. I make the same meal for everyone, with two exceptions: Joseph does really not like peas, so I make sure there are two vegetables. And Michael has trouble digesting milk so I buy him soy milk. Aside from that, we all eat the same adult meal. Why would I feed them chicken nuggets when we are having stir fry?

Lunch and breakfast are my big challenges though. So when the stars aligned today and I managed a cute and healthy lunch, I had to snap a picture as proof! It took less effort than it looked: I had some microwavable ready rice and after microwaving, I just squeezed it into two silicone bunny baking molds that I had. (Bought them on sale for Easter, forgot about them, never used them till now.) While they cooled down, I put some frozen cauliflower in the microwave steamer, and cut a few baby carrots. That's it. Easy enough. Now if only I found a rice like that that did not come pre salted!

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