Saturday, April 23, 2011

God blesses...

Lent has been strange this year. I have blogged before about the different ways you start to approach holidays once you have children. How once cherished traditions sometimes need to make way for more childfriendly alternatives, and new traditions need to be developed. With christmas things worked out splendidly, and I was well on my way for lent. Then illness visited our little house and remained an unwelcome visitor. In itself, nothing major happened, but one by one all of us got one virus after another, until almost all of lent was filled up with tending to various illnesses and mishaps. My lenten craft projects and charts with Joseph, most of my own lenten sacrifices and routines.. the discipline of it all seemed to be born away under a current that was too strong to resist. I prayed, and was aware of lent. But that is all I was able to do. Underneath it, as I carried a crying Michael, I just prayed for strength, and prayed for God to consider my service to my family, and my attempt to do so patiently (a matter of trying and failing and trying some more) as my lenten sacrifice this year.
For some reason though, as Easter approached, things seemed to start falling in their place. A family we have befriended recently, invited us for Easter lunch, so I would not have to cook, we managed to arrange our attendance to several of the masses and liturgies and somehow, some way, found little pieces of time to prepare for tomorrow. The house is still a mess, and at 10 pm the night before, there is still laundry to be done. But I am feeling at rest and am awaiting my husband's return with the eternal good news that can never be undone by small earthly problems:
He is RISEN!!

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